Bruce Willis Apple Fake Story: Tech Report Loren Feldman

Written by Loren Feldman

Loren Feldman of 1938News discusses the manufactured story of Bruce Willis vs. Apple. Willis allegedly challenged Apple over who owns his Apple iTunes library.

Loren Feldman discusses the false urban legend that is the meme re: Bruce Willis and his challenging Apple over his iTunes library upon Jobs’ death. All lies. But is it a PR stunt? You do get a lot of press by hanging off the tail of the Apple vs. Samsung news … coincidence? Our Loren Feldman weighs in with his commentary.

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  • I had seen a G+ post from Loren over the weekend, but didn’t think much about it. Even Loren made it seem like it was some hog wash in it over the weekend. Smh at some reports.

    -RAP, II