Black Friday Infographic: Share Your Horror Stories (open4readers)

Written by Gina Smith

If you think Black Friday is for amateurs, think again. And — if you’re amidst the crowds– snap some pics of the scene, steals and deals where you are and send them our way. Black Friday reader infographic and reader contest. Posting the best stories now.

Like New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, serious celebrants say Black Friday is for amateurs. Let us know your Black Friday horror — or success — stories.

First one comes in from reader +Justin Krezelak.

My aunt was so excited to buy my grandmother a 42″ TV for $199. I didn’t have the heart to tell her there wasn’t a chance in hell this was going to happen. She showed up and sure enough … Walmart was handing out “tickets.”

But Walmart (*reps) weren’t willing to say how many they had in stock. My aunt asked if there was any chance or if she was just wasting her time. At least the Walmart employee was kind enough to tell her they had in reality already sold them all … and that there were still 150 people waiting in line for a ticket who were never going to get that TV.

Later (my aunt) left a message on my phone telling me I was off the hook for having to set her new TV up. My grandmother lost out on her 42″ because my aunt cooked Thanksgiving dinner for everyone instead of camping out at Walmart.

I call that win/win/win. And my grandmother will still get her 42″ because I don’t give a damn about 60Hz 720p tech from five years ago to begin with?

Share your Black Friday stories with us. I’ll keep adding them to this piece. In the meantime, thanks to +Justin Krezelak for that story above. Sheesh. Tis the season.

BTW, I love this Black Friday infographic. I caught it first at the most excellent site, Mashable, which in turn curated it from Amplitude Research.

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