Bill Cosby Leaves Crowd in Stitches during Depositon

Written by Frank Visa

Bill Cosby finally gave the second deposition Allred wanted. He left her with a smile that just won’t fade. SkewedNews.

SKEWEDNews/aNewDomain — Bill Cosby was in full form on Friday for his first deposition in 10 years. Performing nearly 7 hours without a break the veteran comedian showed he was still a master of any crowd. He started immediately — without an opening comic/deponent  — and paused only once in a while to drink water.

Bill Cosby 1965Cosby reached into his bag of tricks with funny looks, slow burns and verbal play that have shaped his fifty-year career. Even Gloria Allred, who was grilling Cosby on such things as drugs, timelines and personal power was captivated by the comedian’s presence.

“What amazed me most was his timing,” said Allred. “He could sit on an answer for what seemed like an eternity only to blurt out, ‘I don’t remember,’ with the most amazing subtly.”

“Do I believe him? Well knowing what I know about him, I don’t, but I can certainly see the appeal he had on the scores of women I’m representing.”

“Scores?!” blurted Cosby, who was listening to this conversation in the back of the room. “Gloria, poor choice of words!”

“See what I mean? He misses nothing,” said Allred.

He is so good that Judy Huth’s attorney wants to depose the comedian as well.

“How often do you get this close to a legend,” said Huth.

Cosby will be performing at Yuk Yuks on November 3 in Miami and Rape Rapes in Oklahoma City on November 15.

For aNewDomain, I’m Frank Visa.

Featured image: No Known Restrictions: Old Post Office and U.S. Courthouse by Carol Highsmith, 2005 (LOC)

Body image: Bill Cosby 1965 via Wikimedia Commons