Video2brain: Training Tech Goes Subscription, Streaming

If you’re a heavy user high production training tech videos like the ones the firm video2brain produces, see an example above, you’ll like today’s announcement as much as our senior news editor Mike Rothman does. Today, video2brain annouced a streaming, subscription model — at some great bang for the buck pricing for video tech trainers everywhere..

Today video2brain, the EU-based provider of tech video training courses, announced it’s transitioning from its pay per play model to a true subscription-based, streamable service. And at competitive prices, too.

That means video2brain users now get cheaper, easier and pretty much unrestricted access to an English language library of more than 130 courses — that totals more than 500 hours and 5,600 individual lessons from the last 12 months alone. And they can stream it, download it, all at fixed sub rates.

Great news for IT, educators and other folk who increasingly rely on video training, an exploding field by any account. Here’s an example of a video2brain course on Android development, just so you get a flavor for the production values and the content the company is now starting to stream.

The new pricing model video2brain announced today offers streaming video or downloaded video, project files and associated documents for as little as $15 per month or $99 per year for students or teachers.


“This model is designed for people who have ongoing learning needs and interests and want access to different courses throughout the year,” a video2brain rep said. In other words, if you’re a hard core of video training tech in the workplace, classroom or elsewhere, you now have a real alternative to competitive, more expensive US-based services.


Check out the site’s over 130 free lessons delivered by streaming video and you be the judge.  I’m impressed with the scale and depth of this new offering — and the price. This is some bang for the buck.