Best Apps Now: Todd Moore’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Who better than our very own Todd Moore to give us the low down on the best and worst apps for your smartphone or tablet, whatever the mobile OS? He’s the developer of that sleeper mobile hit, White Noise. Here’s a compilation of the best apps available to you. Yum.

Find out what Todd recommends right now on one of aNewDomain’s favorite shows, Tech 411 with Tedd Moore, syndicated right here on the site. Don’t miss it!

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This week on Tech 411 with our Todd Moore, it’s a long list of his favorite apps — what’s great and what should you avoid. Tech 411 with Todd Moore runs weekly here at Click to listen.

No one better than our very own senior editor Todd Moore to drop the bottom line on the best apps out there — and on what to just avoid.

Do you remember Todd from our edit team for the relaunching of another property, BYTE? He was our resident teamBYTE iOS developer, developer then of a popular Apple iOS app, White Noise. It was a sleeper hit — pun intended — and now is multi-platform to an extreme.

Take it away, Todd. Check out his list for Santa on the best apps in the world — or at least, Todd’s world.