Batman Physics Are Epic [infographic]

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Written by Gina Smith

Do Batman physics calculate well? Not really, but they are still fascinating. Infographic.

aNewDomain — Did you know Batman physics is a studied science? I mean, there are no Departments of Batman, but the phenomenon of whether or not the caped crusader can do what he does has been put under the scrutinizing eyes of science — and, I’m sad to say, it comes up short.

There was that wildly enjoyed analysis of Batman tech back in 2008, conducted by Popular Science. But more recently British physicists wrote a paper, the conclusion of which states that Batman’s cape would kill him in a free fall, if he were to actually exist. Terrible news, I know.

But there are some fascinating calculations, like those in the below infographic. Check it out.

Batman Physics Dehahs Final

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Cover image: Batman alias Xavier Michel. Wikimedia Commons