Apple iOS, Google Android, WP7, BlackBerry: Audiobook Freeware Friday

Written by Shane P. Brady

OverDrive Media Console (OMC) is our Shane Brady’s choice for this week’s Freeware Friday review. For audio book lovers. Have a great weekend.

OverDrive Media Console (OMC) is the free app I’m highlighting today. Available for Google Android, Apple iOS, MS Windows and RIM BlackBerry, this app lets you easily find great free audiobooks via your local library.

OverDrive’s OMC is a handy app for people like me — frequent borrower of library audiobooks.

If that’s you, OMC is so worth a download and a serious look.’

And no monthly subscription.

OMC is free in Google Play.  It’s free and definitely work checking out. After download, launch the app. You’ll see this.


Notice the only app you see loaded is the Welcome to OverDrive Media Console audiobook.

Just add a zipcode and select a library near you. Free movies are easy and free to download — convenient and a bit old-fashioned, too.


I work in Kansas City and pay taxes to the city. So I’m eligible to borrow from my local Kansas City Public Library.

Here I select the library to add books, which displays this screen.

The next page you see is a log in page. Here just type in your library number or other ID. Probably you have a library code of yore, even if you don’t remember you do. It is worth it to see.

I should note: When I signed up for the Kansas City Library, I had to show I worked in the city. The login page kicks you out to a browser page to login:


Once logged in, you’re on the standard store page. Scroll up or down to check at various audiobooks and sections.


I’m a fan of the late sci fi author Ray Bradbury. I always wanted to read The Ravine. So I choose that.


Since this book is available as an MP3 audiobook I choose “Add to cart” and “Checkout”:


From here it’s a matter of downloading the book into the OverDrive Media Console app.  Once the book has finished downloading, it how shows up in my bookshelf:


The bookshelf tells you how many days you have left to listen to the audiobook.  In this case, I have 21 days left.  Here’s the audio player when I choose “The Ravine”:


The OverDrive Media Console also has a cool widget:


Image credits: Shane Brady

I’ve used OverDrive Media Console on my Android phone for a few months n0w and am pretty satisfied.  The audiobooks selection for my library is pretty good, and the quality of the audiobooks themselves is pretty high as well.  There are a couple downsides, though.  You have limited time to “borrow” the book.  The audio player looks a little dated and does not integrate with Ice Cream Sandwich/Jellybean notifications, or supply lockscreen controls.  There are many features in media players like Audible or BeyondPod that are in the OMC player.

Still, Overdrive Media Console gives you access to lots of great content for practically nothing.  Often in the bubble of the tech news world, it’s easy to forget that not everyone has the money to buy the latest and greatest phone, or spend $10 a month on 20 different digital services.  Apps like OverDrive Media Console appeal to the cost-conscious consumer, those who stretch their budget to have a cell phone, but take the free Android phone.   There is a huge market for free audiobooks, free MP3s, and free e-books all available  from your local library.  Anyone looking to save a few bucks and take advantage of public services they are all ready paying for should check out OverDrive Media Console.

Download OverDrive Media Console for Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry

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