Nexus 4 Out of Stock, Android 4.2 in ASOP: Attack of the Androids

Nexus 4 sells out and crashes the Google Play Store. It’s Attack of the Androids with our intrepid host Mat Lee, and staffers Shane Brady, Joey Kelly and Ant Pruitt

Want a Nexus 4 smartphone? The demand was high and the new LG smartphone sold out rapidly. The Google Play Store even went down temporarily.

Google also released Android version 4.2 in the ASOP for developers. So we get our hands on the Android root and rejoice with the ROM fans.

We ponder. How important is the screen on a 4-inch device? Does it really have to be 1080p capable?

This and app picks are all up this week on Attack of the Androids with our Mat Lee, Shane Brady, Joey Kelley and guest host Ant Pruitt.