Attack of the Androids 38: E3 and the Best App Pick Ever (freeware Friday)

On this week’s AOTA, Mat Lee, Joey Kelley, Eric Finkenbiner and Jeremy Lesniak talk E3, Willow Glass and the deep, dark Android secret Joey Kelley’s been hiding. And the best app pick EVER. Epic. It’s Attack of the Android.

Hangout Crash

It’s another wonderful week in the land of Android.  This week, the crew — sans Seth, who was washing his hair — and I were on AOTA talking about E3, Google’s acquisition of QuickOffice, the upcoming dual-boot Windows 8/ICS transformer from Asus and much more.

Will Mat’s circle-phone finally become a reality? Check out our latest episode and as a bonus we’ll throw in Joey Kelley’s app pick of the week.  I won’t spoil it but I will say that it is epic.  Enjoy!