Apple in Target: Really? Ranting Roundup with Eric Mack

When Apple downscales for dollars — Apple Stores or Apple “areas” will soon be in every Target — our exec news ed Eric Mack has something to say about it. Eric Mack is at it again in his nightly tech news Ranting Roundup. Enlightenment not guaranteed.

Apple stores are hitting that big retail dartboard dead center. Apple is putting Apple Stores or Apple Areas in Targets everywhere –and the creator of the Internet is coming to its rescue!

If you don’t know what the hellĀ I am talking about, enlighten yourself with today’s tech news Ranting Roundup. Enlightenment not guaranteed.


  • Those are horizontal stripes, though : )

    Great round up. I never thought I’d see the day when Apple slummed it up and went mass market retail.

    I remember I wanted to do a deal with K Mart back when I ran that thin client company (NIC) for Larry Ellison — and his friend Steve Jobs talked me out of it. Too downscale, something to that effect.

    I don’t think Jobs would put Apple in Target. No matter how profitable it’ll be, and it will be. He just didn’t play that way. fwiw gs