Apple Siri: Ziggy for Windows Phone 7 and the Meaning of Life

Naturally there is a Siri-like app for Windows Phone 7 — Ziggy, ,from Averotek, is a free app available for Windows Phone 7.5. It just got an update. Ask Ziggy the meaning of life and two other questions and we’ll feature the best video and its creator as a bylined story here on aNewDomain. Video demo courtesy: WP Central

Well, this was inevitable. Here’s Ziggy, an Apple Siri lookalike for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphones.  The free app, published by Averotek, has been around on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for awhile now. The general consensus has been that the voice assistant is slow and unsteady. But now, it’s getting a whole new update for Windows Phone 7.5.1 Mango.

Check this video out. I can’t wait to do a Siri versus Ziggy existential debate.  I mean, we’ve heard Siri’s answer as to the meaning of life.

What’s Ziggy’s? My guess: the meaning of life is to get Microsoft to buy Averotek for big, big bucks. I bet that’ll happen, too.

Youtube Video Courtesy: WPCentral

I don’t yet have a Windows phone. If you do, here’s a challenge for you.  Get the latest app upgrade and ask Ziggy the following three questions:

1. What is the meaning of life?
2. What is tap move and shake?
3. Who are The Founders on Star Trek?

I’ll feature the best ones with your byline, something that could be a handy if you’re a blogger trying to get into tradeshows as a journalist! Ha.

And while you’re at it, here’s an idea. Ask Ziggy where the best place to play pool in Barcelona is and start practicing. That’s where most tech writers gather at the annual Mobile World Congress there in early spring. See you there!

Here’s how the maker bills the app on Marketplace:

Word to the wise: Bring rolls of 20s (US) if I’m around and you want to play pool. I’ll be the brunette in red with a No. 19 stick, probably speaking Spanish to the locals.