Apple Siri: What She Might Look Like

I bet the question has crossed your mind. What does Siri look like — what does she look eye in your mind’s eyes. An Apple easter egg reveals Apple’s conception. We think. Working story >>> : )

Ever wonder who Siri is really? Seriously.

Surely, hers is not a 100 percent computerized voice. There’s a human woman’s voice in Siri’s tones and intonations. You can hear it. But who is she?

At this writing, we still don’t know if this is a trick or really the voice talent — or one of the voice talent staff — who voice and animate Siri. Now depending on how this source checks out, we might have our first clue! Check out this supposed easter egg I found via Youtube for Siri. It shows you Siri as human.

ED: I don’t know. This could be doctored. Let’s check. It’s easy enough to test! If you have an Apple iPhone 4S, follow the video announcer’s instructions and see if you can “see” Siri. Let us know in comments below … thanks and good morning, UK.