Apple Siri: Foreign Accent Handling Captured in Video (curated)

Source: TechRadar

The first thing I thought when I saw Apple unveil the Siri voice-recognition assistant was: would it understand my American South dialect of English, the one I revert to when not broadcasting? Here's a great piece from the folks of TechRadar looking into another aspect of that. Watch A New Domain unplugged (soon for my curated list of videos examining Siri with various English dialects and accented English.

When Apple revealed Siri to the world, people gaped at its amazing powers of voice recognition.

Meanwhile, Glaswegians the world over turned to each other and said, "Aye, weel. We'll see aboot tha', pal."

Which got us thinking – just how well can Siri handle the accents of the world? And thus we took to the international population of TechRadar HQ to find out.

At the end of this, I'll post the video from TechRadar — it'll make you smile — but first, how about Bostonians? Indians? Those from Singapore. Siri also makes me wonder about subtler accents, like my regional American South dialect. Watch here for my curated list of Siri with accented voices videos. It'll help us all decide if Apple Siri is worth bothering with, ya'll.

Bostonians: Can you park your car in Harvard Yard? Here's a reporter from The Boston Globe trying Apple Siri out with a Boston accent. He tells, Siri, "Hey, you remind me of my wife!" LOL

How does it do with Indian-accented English?

 How about what's known as — Singlish — Singapore-accented English? This from the great tech journos at Singapore Today.

And from TechRadar, "the most incomprehensible accents in our office" put to the test.