Apple iPhone, iPad: Pocket Informant for iOS

Better than iCal, Pocket Informant for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad is Phil Baker’s app of the day.

Pocket Informant for the Apple iPhone and iPad is a powerful organizer. With a fully integrated calendar, contacts and a to do list, this app creates views a lot more detailed than what Apple’s iCal provides.

That’s why it’s my app of the day.

Pocket Informant for iPhone, by using smaller fonts and color, packs a huge amount of information onto the display. The calendar app is particularly useful on the a small screen like that on the iPhone — it will display daily details for a full month.

It also has the typical calendar view, which is one week to a page using a two-column format. Buttons at the bottom of the display let you access each module with a single touch. All of the data is pulled from iCal and doesn’t affect app usage at all.

Pocket Informant for iPad presents information as tabbed pages, such as a tab for tasks, calendar, and so forth.

Both apps have powerful syncing capabilities that work with Google calendar, too. Pocket Informant, from WebIS, costs $7.99 and $12.99.