Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Delete Multiple Emails at Once in iOS

sshot-3It’s tedious deleting emails one at a time in the Mail app on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Here’s how to batch delete multiple emails at once in iOS, from our How To editor Brian Burgess.

Pelican Rapids, MN: If you use the email app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you know it’s tedious to read and delete your emails one at a time. Here’s how you delete multiple emails at once in iOS.

First, launch the email app by tapping the Mail icon on the Home screen.


Head to the email account that you want to clean up. At the top of the left panel tap Edit.


Tap all of the email messages that you want to delete. A red checkmark icon will appear next to each one you select.

After selecting the messages you want delete, press the red Delete button at the bottom of the left  pane. The button displays the number of emails you’re deleting. In this case, I have 10.


Use the same steps on the Apple iPhone or iPod touch.


That’s all there is to it. This is a helpful tip to keep the Inbox on your iDevice clean and organized.


  • I think that most would like to have a “delete all” or “empty” option for Spam and Trash folders. Even a “Select All” option for those folders would be preferable to manually checking each item, especially when some days Spam has over 100 messages.

    Good instruction, though. A boon to those who didn’t know how to do even this much. I was just hoping for something I didn’t know yet.

  • Thinking of buying an apple MacBook. If I delete email from Iphone will they delete from iPad and MacBook? If so what settings?

    If not , WHY?? :)

  • i have way to many e-mail msgs. to check then delete. google doesn’t have a way as yahoo does to select all and delete.

  • Doesn’t work when Inbox is keyword filtered on iPad. For example, try to delete all facebook notification emails by keyword searching “Facebook”. I can’t even delete one at a time, the trash icon disappears and the swipe to delete does not work. Major bug.

    Can anyone else confirm this problem and suggest a fix?

  • My Server has bombarded me with 2 years email messages, 22,000 in total.  I am having to delete a few at a time .. there must be a process that will delete hundreds at a time???