Apple iPhone Autocorrect Crackups: Parental Discretion Advised

A humor site has collected some bizarre and pretty explicit autocorrect texting fails on the Apple iPhone. Parental discretion advised, source link this came from not suitable for office viewing. Rated R.

Too funny. The Damned Cool Pictures site is collecting the funniest text autocorrects ever. I am embedding the tamest one below. Warning, Danger Will Robinson! The other example from Apple iPhone text autocorrects on the site mentioned above are sexually explicit (rated R) and scatalogical. So be careful at the office if you head there.

Parental discretion strongly advised.
Courtesy: Damned Cool Pictures

The above is the most tame one I could find. As for the link to the site this came from, adults only please.


  • This is the whole story? It’s the same thing as on the home page. Why did you make me bother to click through? And since when has a Web site become the arbiter of my sensitivity? And what are the standards for an R rating? That’s something only the movie industry has, and at least they say what they’re talking about. Oh, and do you know these are real?

    Forgive me. I’m really cranky today.

  • And what’s this about kissing under the cameltoe? What’s under a cameltoe except the floor! Now if he were kissing her cameltoe–I mean right on, between the two toes–that might be something to cause a stir in the party punchbowl.

  • And then there’s the “autocorrect crackups.” What position does a cameltoe have to be in for the crack to be up?

  • LOL. The site is way to risque for our family audience. Google the site, Ron. Then apologize to Sue for having you look at the link. Just a little too much R to X material to consider linking off the site, too.

    Hey you’ve got wordpress credentials. Feel free to go in and wax. Eloquently!