Apple iPad: iThoughtsHD Mind-Mapping App

Mind mapping is probably a little safer than mind melding. And much better for tablet use. And iThoughtsHD for iPad is a mind-mapping app that is Phil Baker’s app of the day.

Craig Scott’s iThoughtsHD for the Apple iPad is an app that brings mind mapping to the fore, touchscreen and all. What’s a MindMap? It’s just a  free-form, flowchart-like diagram to show relationships between various items, relationships and events. 

Mindmaps are great for envisioning and planning complex projects or communicating ideas to others.

The iThoughtsHD app even will import and export mind maps from such other mapping applications as MindManager. Version 3.1, available now, is a powerful app with a lot of functionality. It’s certainly comparable to desktop products. 

Available in a less expensive version for the iPhone, iThoughtsHD for iPad costs $9.99 and requires iOS 4 or later.

In addition to supporting Dropbox and other cloud apps, version 3.1 hot fix adds a number of fixes and features. Check those out here.



  • Hmm, In the far past I tried apps like that but didn’t find them more effective than just grabbing an open editor window and typing in thoughts in quick bullet format. For me, getting the information out of my head quickly is the key.

    Do you find an app like this useful as a day to day tool and rapid to input into or would it get in the way of that creative process by requiring too many steps or too much thinking about the data entry aspect?

  • I’ve had this software nearly since it was first released and I highly recommend it. The author has done an outstanding job of making improvements and keeping it up to date.

    @Peter Galvin, this program is very easy to use and it can be worked with quickly. I use it for brainstorming sessions because I can easily jump around my notes as we get inspired with random thoughts. It is the next best thing to a 360 degree whiteboard. If you are just doing simple, mostly linear or very short lists then you may not get much benefit from it.