Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch: Trouble Creating a New User ID?

Having trouble creating a new Apple ID? You’re not alone.

On Apple’s customer forums, I noticed today a growing number of customers complaining they can’t create secondary Apple IDs and can’t reach Apple today by phone — not a big surprise on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the United States. But what is up with this?

Is it par for the course — Apple does allow more than one Apple ID per human — so is there something else going on? Certainly lots of people want this — and from the tenor online, customers want it now.

So far Apple has yet to respond. Do you have a work around? Leave a comment below or email me at if you’d rather be more anonymous. Here are some of the complaints of a few dozen I found just in a few minutes this a.m. PT.


Let me know how your Black Friday going or if you have an answer for these folks. I’ll be digging into it later today. Already left a call at Apple, where an old colleague¬†of mine works in engineering …




  • Make sure the date on the device is correct.
    iPod touch devices and non-3G iPads can lose the setting.

    Or try from a “full” browser on laptop/pc in the apple store.

    Make sure to sign out of the apple store in settings.

    Reboot / restart the device.

    Guessing this is an Ajax / JavaScript error.. So Not a real block or ID error.