Apple iPad: How to Use Join.Me to Remotely Share Screens Among Desktops and iOS Devices

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It’s Freeware Freitag for some of us. Here’s how to use the most excellent app, Join.Me for iOS to share screens with desktop-bound colleagues and friends. Happy Friday, all. BB

Hands down, the easiest free program to use for screen sharing and conference calls over desktop and latop screens is a no download, instantly accessible free app called You will have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

Here’s how to use to share screens on multiple platforms over the Internet — including such Apple iOS devices as Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. It’s going to look best, obviously, on the iPad. But in a pinch, you never know.

First, get It’s an amazingly quick and easy download. You just register and you’re in. The address for is just what it looks like. To find it, go online to website

Next download the app from the iTunes App Store onto your iPad or other iOS device. After installed, launch the program (it’s on the computer with the screen you want to share. on desktop

A number will appear, as you notice above, at top center. Share that code with the Apple iPad user. On the iPad, launch the app and enter in that same number.

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Once the connection is established, you’re able to see the presenter’s computer screen. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen on your iPad to pull up the controls.

iPad View

Initiate a conference call via the Internet or by dialing the conference number — that number you’ve been sharing at the top of the screen.


Like most screen-sharing apps, you get to chat with the presenter in an IM box.


With this freeware on your iPad, you now can view anyone’s desktop or laptop screens — say, a presentation or school report while you’re away for a holiday, provided you have Wifi.


The iPhone or iPod touch version works in a pinch. Obviously, the best viewing experience is going to be on the Apple iPad.


The service and apps are free. Upgrade to the Pro version for $19.99/month if you need more management features. Few working outside large companies will. But there’s one good reason to get the Pro version: you get international conference lines up to 250 participants for you meetings.

The app for iOS is for viewing a screen online. You’re not able to control the remote computer from the iPad or vice versa, as you are between desktop versions of But if you only have your iPad with you, for iOS is an easy way to share screens and demos when you’re on the go.


  • A couple problems. First, compare (1) with (2)..(4):

    1) “Hands down, the easiest free program… is a no download app…”


    2) “quick and easy download”

    3) “Next download the app”

    4) “launch the program (it’s”

    …Seems this is anything but “no download.”

    Also, I went to the site on my computer and, lo: “You do not have Flash installed. To view a screen, install Flash Player first.”

    So, downloads upon downloads.

    Also worthy of consideration: and