Apple iPad 3 vs. Apple iPad 2 and Tablets from Amazon, Asus (comparison chart)

Click through to see how the new third-generation iPad 3 — now called just the iPad — compares to rivals Amazon Kindle Fire and the Asus Transformer.

Apple announced its new iPad 3 today. Here’s how the consumer-targeted model — simply called the Apple iPad — compares to its main competitors spec-wise. Here’s the third gen iPad — better known as the iPad 3 or iPad HD — as it compares to its main competitors, the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and the Asus Transformer Prime.

Our own Paul Bonner offered up his commentary on the release on launch — he says no one needs this tablet and that it’s Steve Job’s last great marketing trick. And here’s a video retrospective of Apple iPad development — and mobile computing all the way back to the Apple Newton — over the years. Managing editor Jeremy Lesniak contributed to this story.

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  • This is a very nice comparison chart. It would be even nicer if the units were the same (for example, the Asus is weighed in grams while the other three are in BI units). I’m just a lazy reader like that!

  • I think 586 grams is between 18 – 19 ounces.

    Why can the iPad3 shoot 1080p, but only play back 720p from AppleTV. That strikes me as odd.

    As always Apple takes things in moderation when it comes to processing power. It’s why the battery lasts so long. The next iPad will most likely make the jump to ARM9. I bet that competitors thinking they will just one up Apple will be selling ARM15.

    The competition continues. Oh, just to clear things. I don’t own a tablet. I want to own one. Not an Apple though. I’m all for the robot. I’m waiting on a more agreeable price point. I can’t justify buying one when they are still the cost of some laptops.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Robert!

      I want to say that I saw the Apple TV is updated to output 1080p now. I will have to look again to confirm.

      -RAP, II

    • AppleTV was upgraded to A5 processor and given 1080p support. Also iTunes was updated to allow for 1080p streaming of TV Shows and Movies.

      Sweet!!! All of the content I purchased from iTunes just got upgraded for free! (well once iPurchase a new AppleTV).

    • Also, regarding processing power, I don’t think the facts are on your side on this one. There have been a number of benchmarks between the current A5 and the Tegra 3 and the A5 kill it! Assuming that the A5X is actually substantially faster than the A5, the Robot will need to make a major leap just to catch up. From what I can tell the only tablet that is even in the same league as the new iPad is the Transformer Prime Ultra and that is only in theory because we don’t have final cost, ship date, or even what I would call reliable battery figures.

      So dismiss the upgrades in processor power all you want, but if they are taking “things in moderation” the competition must be nearly asleep at the wheel.

      I hear the argument all the time that Apple holds features back just so they can add them later and get everyone to upgrade but some how they deliver the most compelling product on the market time after time. So ether everyone is holding back or everyone else sucks and we need some better competitors to make Apple bring it’s A game!

      • So you’re saying that you disagree with me saying that a faster processor will eat more battery quickly? Fact is fact, that Apple has not put the fastest processor in their products. What they have done is use very well what they do use, which can be contributed to how the OS handles instructions, along with limiting calls on the processor by suspending applications at a better point perhaps.

        As far as holding back features. They all do. It’s like buying a new model car. You often don’t buy the first one, but wait a couple of model cycles as some optional features become standard.

        Plus Apple does marketing better than the competition. The competition still has not figured that out. They keep trying and keep flailing away.