Apple iPad 3, Mac Book Pro with E5: What Peter Baer Galvin Wants Under His Tree

Dear Santa, our Peter Baer Galvin is hoping you can use some of that magic of yours and get the Apple products he really wants — way early. Here’s PBG’s list!

Dear Santa,

I know you know this about me by now. No matter how good technology gets, my Christmas wish list never runs short.

Sure I have a dual-core iPhone 4S that’s faster than a Cray-2 supercomputer, but that just means my other devices need to get up to speed, too.

Unfortunately even you, Santa, don’t control over Apple, but it sure would be nice if you’d sprinkle some dust or something and get the things I want in my stocking now — not in the first quarter of 2012. First on my list:



  • I do like my Apple iPod Classic, and using my phone for podcasts is decent. But wouldn’t it be cool if the iPod Nano had Wifi, Bluetooth, and over-the-air updating so it would automatically get the latest podcasts when on my network and could play them via Bluetooth when I’m in my car? Then I could justify Santa giving me one to be my watch/podcast player.


  • And Santa, my iTunes library has over 70,000 tracks. Why can’t I play the songs easily, remotely and  upgrade the lower resolution ones to higher resolution? Santa, please get Apple to lift that 25,000 song iTunes library Match limit?


    • Surprisingly there are even some non-Apple products that are desirable. Perhaps an XBox slim to upgrade my original unit, which is too loud to use for multimedia activities (aside from game playing), plus, Santa, a Kinect would be nice!

  • Oh, and Santa, if you happen to bring me Blu-ray upgrades for all the DVDs I can’t justify re-buying (titles like the Star Wars Saga, anything by Stanley Kubrick, or Lord of the Rings) then I could enjoy guilt-free viewing of the best format available.


  • Finally Santa, I’ve been very good and there are times when I’m not geeking-out. For those occasions,   how about a nice sailboat?

Happy Holidays!


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