App of the Day: Expensify

Expensify is my choice today for app of the day. No one hates expense reports more than I do but this app, for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, makes the process a lot less sucky.

My app of the day today is Expensify, from the eponymously named company Expensify, LLC. What is it? The app lets you create “expense reports that don’t suck.” It automatically tracks your spending, gathers receipts and gets your expenses radically organized. Its newest version, 2.72, just arrived on the iTunes Store a few weeks ago, and works with the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We showed off the latest version of Expensify at the San Francisco App Show — the SFAppshow — a couple of days ago. Rated now by CNN Money as the No. 1 App for biz travelers, and I’m one, definitely check it out. The app is free, requires iOS 3.0 or later. And it’s free from the iTunes store.

For the full video of the show — we showed nine great apps in all, each for six minutes a pop as I enforced it on stage, just click here.

Here’s a shot of it.

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