Apple iOS: Battery Boost Magic (first look)

Our Fred Lewis takes a first look at Battery Boost Magic, a 99 cent app that promises to extend battery life on iOS. Does it? Here’s a first look …

Battery life is key to everyone — especially those with location-based services turned on in Apple iOS. So I checked out one app that promises to extend the life of the battery.

That is Battery Boost Magic from Heavy Duty Apps. 

The idea is that you run this app while your phone is plugged in for a charge. It automatically puts the battery through a three-step charging process that includes a Fast Charge, Trickle Charge and Top Off Charge.

Fast Charge is what your iPhone normally does when you plug it in. According to the app maker, Trickle and Top Off charges are charge cycles for keeping your Lithium Ion battery in good condition.

The app gives you hints about how to care for your battery and your screen.
There’s also a handy screen that estimates how much time you should expect to have available for a variety of activities, based on your current charge.

With this app, I’m getting 10 to 20 percent more time on the battery. Not too shabby. The catch is, Apple iOS apps don’t run themselves automatically so you have to remember to run it.

This isn’t the only battery life-enhancing app for iOS devices, of course. Look for a round up comparison of such apps coming soon.

So is this app worth the 99 cents it costs? For sure. Even if it just increases battery life just a bit, as it does, that’s an improvement. So far, I like it. I’m Fred Lewis for






  • Are you kidding? You haven’t said anything I can’t read in the manufacturer’s description. But you “got your name in the paper”. Congratulations.