Apple iOS & Android Preview: Everything

Apple iOS & Android Preview: Everything

Check out Executive Editor Brian Burgess’s first look at the mobile-only search engine Everything.

Smartphones could be tremendously empowering – if only they could truly deliver everything we needed, when we needed it, in a simple and mobile way. That’s the problem The Everything Project solves with its new app, EverythingTM. On Tuesday at  ShowStoppers during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, the company opened a public beta of the project, which delivers the simplicity of search with the mobility of apps.

Gina Smith previously covered the Everything utility for Windows developed by voidtools. Here’s a look at what you can expect from a similar idea for searching on your Android or Apple iDevice.

This handy service is a search engine, that gets your results immediately from fully mobile, Instant AppsTM. Available in preview today via mobile browser for iPhone and Android at with a native app coming this week for Android.

Here’s a look at what it offers on an iPhone or iPod touch. Launch Safari, clear the address bar and type: Then type in what you’re looking for in the Find Everything field.


There are options for several categories like food, music, tech and more.


In this example I searched for Windows 8 under Tech. The search results show various Instant AppsTM. Then select the sit’s app you want to read. Here I selected articles from All Things D.


And it also works on your Android smartphone too.