Apple iOS 5: Battery Drain on Upgrade iPhone 3 Systems?

Until I get Apple on the horn on Monday, I wandered into Apple's support area for iOS 5. Looks like I am not the only iPhone 3G user with iOS5 and a dying battery. Plenty of folks complaining — with Apple comments in string about turning off location-based apps. I saw a report online somewhere today on RSS that the culprit might be a date/time notifications bug. Could be.

It could be anything. This is a new OS. Wait for the decimal upgrade, I always say. But now they just force this stuff on you. What to do?

As long as I'm ranting, how many times an hour is Microsoft going to nudge me to upgrade Skype.  Right now the average is about three times every 60 minutes. This has been going on ever since the deal went through — Skype is just pinging me without cease to upgrade it. I am sure I will eventually get the upgrade — enough, already! But I want to see if it will force an upgrade … think it will?