Apple iOS 5.0.1 Update: Battery Issues Still Plague?

Two days after Apple released its quick update to its major mobile release of iOS 5 — the upgrade iOS 5.0.1 addresses battery drain issues — some customers find the battery issues not better, but worse. We checked Apple support forums …

Could iOS 5.0.1 — the mobile update Apple rolled out way ahead of schedule two days ago — be making mobile Apple device issues even worse for mobile customers? It’s awfully soon to make such a sweeping pronouncement on the update, which is after all largely a fix for battery-drain issues. Have you noticed a battery issue with your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? I found more than a dozen negative reactions on the upgrade battery-wise — it’s all under the discussion called “even worse battery life” on Apple’s iOS 5 support thread. AnewDomain’s Apple beat news team, led by David W. Martin, will be following this continuing story. In the meantime, keep your charger on you. At this writing — Saturday noon Pacific Time — Apple reps were unavailable for comment.

Screenshot image: Gina Smith

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