Apple, Google: Apple Makes $575 Versus Google at $2 a Device: John C. Dvorak X3

Apple makes hundreds a dollars per device compared $2 per device that Google gets, says John C. Dvorak. It’s John C. Dvorak X3: One topic, three pundits, five minutes. More or less.

It’s John C. Dvorak X3. One topic. Three minutes. Five minutes or less. Today it’s Apple vs. Google, John C. Dvorak says.

Our John C. Dvorak and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo report a story claiming that Apple makes $575 in profit on every iOS device, as opposed to the $2 gets from Android devices. Hey! And John wonders, how much longer will Apple keep up its overwhelming dominance in mobile. It has 75 percent of the business, Joe says.