Apple iPhone 5, iPod Nano, iPod Touch: Tech 411 Todd Moore and Oscar Santana

Written by Todd Moore

Tech 411: Post-Game Apple Analysis: Our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana waste no time digging into the post game analysis on the Apple iPhone 5 announcement.

Our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana of Tech 411 do a post-game analysis on the Apple event on Sept 12. It’s the latest in mobile apps and tech you need to own. Apple announced the iPhone 5 — but Todd Moore worries about development issues with the 4-inch, taller screen at 1136 x 640. Adding five rows of icons will make a difference for developers. But is Apple just playing catch-up? Is it not wide enough? The latest Android phones and the WP7 devices from Nokia offer better resolution, the guys say.

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It’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana.

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