Apollo 11 Moon Landing on July 20, 1969: The Lift Off Video

July 20, 2012, marks 43 years exactly since Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landed on the moon.

It was the historic NASA Apollo 11 moon landing. After some hours on the surface,  Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon the next day — on July 21, 1969. Aldrin followed as the second Homo Sapiens to walk our natural satellite. Check out the video of the Apollo 11 launch below.

Uploaded to YouTube by member Jim.
Jim writes:

In July of 1969, America sent the first humans to the moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins were aboard the mission named Apollo 11.The launch vehicle they rode, the Saturn 5 rocket, is still the most powerful machine ever built. It generated almost 8 million pounds of thrust and even after nearly 40 years, it is the only vehicle that has carried men beyond earth’s gravity. Watch it now, as you would have seen it on July 16, 1969, at 9:26 AM EDT. T-minus 00:5:59 and counting.

Here’s a link to NASA’s official Apollo 11 image gallery.

And this is the legendary video of Armstrong’s first steps.

Video uploaded to YouTube by: TheNatMan

Here’s the Space.Com infographic. Love this.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to raise sunken Apollo 11 moon rocket engines from the ocean floor. Learn more about the Saturn V rocket's F-1 engines in this SPACE.com infographic.
Source: SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration