AP Calls Obama Win: U.S. Presidential Election 2012

Written by Gina Smith

Minutes ago, the Associated Press called an Obama win and a tweet from U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed it. Four more years, he wrote in the latest tweet just now. Scroll below to watch his live acceptance speech via CPAN streaming live — and let us know how you think this affects the geek tech business and products we care about at aNewDomain.net.

More than 270 Electoral College votes required went to Obama, media now widely confirm. There are still popular votes uncounted, but the Electoral College is in. Obama, even without Florida called, won.

Click here for live coverage on Obama’s acceptance speech, scheduled for a few minutes from now.┬áIf you tune in early, listen to the call in show where shocked, sad, psyched and disbelieving American citizens are sharing their thoughts with the host.

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Headlines: Democrats maintain control of U.S. Senate and Republicans maintain control of U.S. House of Representatives. But it’s a clear Obama win.

What does this mean for tech? Let us know. We have on the site posted President Obama and his competitor Romney policies they planned to put into place that directly affect tech. Does this affect you? Let us know.

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  • That was fast. I heard that Obama won from an anewdomain tweet first, what are you guys, nuts? LOL!