Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Fort Mill, SC (photo contest open to readers)

Another beautiful smartphone snapshot as captured by an reader. Ant Pruitt shares this smartphone camera photo submission. Congratulations to reader Brenda Weinstein for this great shot, taken with a 3.2mp smartphone camera lens and no other filters or enhancements.

Black Friday has come and gone. Did you get a new smartphone?  Taken any photos with it yet? Every week here in my Where Are You Now contest at, I select the best smartphone photos our community sends in. This week’s photograph comes via a Huawei Fusion smartphone — from Brenda Weinstein in Fort Mill, SC.


Image credit: Brenda Weinstein

Brenda’s snapped this on her Huawei Fusion from AT&T running Android.  Not only is this a “naked” shot — no filters or other enhancements — but she took it with a 3.2 megapixel lens smartphone camera.

Excellent. Notice how the light washes the right side of the building and how the lake shows the building’s more natural color and detail.  Thank you for this beautiful photo, Brenda. Congratulations.

Send in your best mobile camera photos. It’s your chance to be a published a photographer — and share your skills with the world via  Email  Be sure to include the photo location, the camera and smartphone used and any applicable camera software you used.

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