Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Arlington, VA Winner M. Dean Jones

Where are you now is coming from Arlington, Virginia this week. That’s courtesy smartphone snapshot whiz and anewdomain reader M. Dean Jones — great shot. Here’s how to get your photography published in Ant Pruitt’s Where Are You Now? contest next week …

Image credit M. Dean Jones

This week in my regular Where Are You Now? smartphone photo contest, we’re heading to the right side of the U.S. The East Coast. And this week’s winning photographer is is +M. Dean Jones. Congratulations.

Jones told me he took this shot with his iPhone 4 with the 645 Pro camera app. Great shot!

You know, not everyone realizes the beauty smartphone cams are capable of capturing. Geeks do. Try your hand and send me your smartphone pic if you want to be the next winning amateur smartphone photographer — I regularly feature the beautiful ones here at Where Are You Now with Ant Pruitt.

How to Enter: Nothing to it! Email me your pic, caption, the smartphone, setting and any software you used. The subject. Your name, city, and link back from Google + appreciated. This is a Google+ contest solely so far so that info is key.

And check out this and all the winners to get ideas. Mind blowing. No amateurs here.

I’m Ant Pruitt and this is Be a featured photojournalist at our geek community news and analysis media site.

Think. As a published photographer in tech media, you qualify for …well, for starters, press passes to amazing events. Just sayin : )