Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Avondale, SC (photo contest open to readers)

Treebeard would appreciate this. Check out this week’s reader-submitted smartphone photograph on Where Are You Now? with Ant Pruitt.

Sure it’s December and the weather outside is dreary, but you can still get a great photo on the coast of South Carolina.  This week on Where Are You Now? our smartphone photo submission comes from Lynn Costello in Avondale, SC.  Costello used her iPhone 4S to take this snapshot of tree art.

Image credit: Lynn Costello

I found this to be a unique shot based on the photographer’s point of view. The details captured by her smartphone are pretty amazing. Thank you for such a cool shot, Lynn!

Here on I like to show that smartphone cameras can capture great photos at the fraction of the costs of DSLRs or other high-end cameras on the market. What pictures do you have? Send them to me at Be sure to include the location, the phone used and any applicable apps used to capture your masterpiece.  This is your shot at being a published web photographer.  Thanks, readers!


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  • Congrats to Lynn Costello. In a week or so, we’ll name our top photo of the year. This is in the running ! Nice job!>