Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Ocean City, NJ (Photo Contest)

Ant Pruitt shares this week’s heart-warming photo from “Where are You Now” winner Daniel Leimer. It’s Ocean City, NJ this week.

Each week I ask “where are you now” and look for photos taken with your trusty smartphones. It’s time to introduce our photographer of the week, Daniel Leimer.

Image credit: Daniel Leimer

This has to be the most heart-warming images I’ve seen in a while. This beautiful photo was shot in Ocean City, NJ.

“After a rainy morning we decided to go for a little ride. The reflection off the puddles and solitude on the boardwalk made for a special shot,” says Leimer. Leimer used his iPhone 4S and Instagram to filter it. Great shot, Daniel!

Here’s your chance to be a published photographer. Just email me at Attach your photo, subject details, location and, of course, the make and model of smartphone you used to snap your pic. Include camera apps, too, if you used them.

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