Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Paris (photo contest open to readers)

Legal graffiti? It must be Paris. Where are you now?Ant Pruitt’s photo contest open to readers steals the show with reader Patricia Philbin’s vibrant and stunning smartphone photo.

Where are you now? Paris, France–and it’s time to share another great reader-submitted photo one of our readers snapped on a smartphone camera.

This week we travel to the Belleville area in Paris. reader Patricia Philbin used her iPhone 4 to take this vibrant photo in Rue Dénoyez, which is a popular haunt for legal graffiti artists.

Patricia Philbin photo - Paris
Image credit: Patricia Philbin
This is a great shot, Patricia, and fitting for the season. Thanks for submitting such a stunning photograph. To our other readers on, keep the photos coming to

Want your chance to become a published photographer? Grab your smartphone and drop me a line.

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