Where Are You Now? Mt. Aeneus, Montana by Mat Lee (photo contest)

In the right hands, smartphone photos are as good as ones from high-end pro cams. Proof? Where Are You Now by Ant Pruitt is taking your submissions now. Congrats +Mat Lee

Every week aNewDomain.net readers send me photos they took with their smartphones. But this week I just have to feature a beautiful smartphone photo from our very own Mat Lee. Mat took this photograph on Mount Aeneus, Montana, with his Samsang Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Find more of his Mat’s photography at his Google+ page. He is prolific and you’ll get a great look at the beauty of Montana. Thanks for the submission, Mat!

Want to be a published photographer at aNewDomain.net? Grab your smartphone, take a nice snapshot and send them right over to me at ant@anewdomain.net. We would love to see your photo submissions.

I’ll get you the credit and the bragging rights.

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