Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? London (photo contest open to readers)

Where are you now? This week we’re in London by way of Ant Pruitt’s reader-submitted smartphone photography contest. Thanks to reader Peter Boon for this photo of St. John the Baptist Church. Beautiful. This photo taken on a Samsung Galaxy S II with no filters.

Here’s what’s great about Autumn: vibrant hues lit by dappled sunlight make for unforgettable photos.  This week our reader photo submission from Peter Boon in London proves that smartphone cameras take snapshots just as vividly as any pro cam will.

Image credit: Peter Boon
While on an afternoon stroll, Peter Boon snapped this shot of the St. John the Baptist Church to capture some “autumnal serenity,” he says.  Boon used his Samsung Galaxy S II with no filters.  Well done, Peter, and thank you for this great photograph!

The reader submissions continue to amaze me.  I love how everyone is so great about capturing one-of-a kind scenes with the optics built into their smartphones and keeping the money otherwise spent on DSLRs in their pocket.  Keep sending me your photo submissions at  Each week, someone will be a published web photographer here at!


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