Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Hull, MA (photo contest)

As Samsung adds the iPhone 5 to its list of what it says are infringing products, it’s fitting that our winning smartphone photo today is via an iPhone 4S. It’s Ant Pruitt’s Where Are You Now smartphone pic contest. Check out this week’s shot — congrats to Eric T. Miller. Read more to find out how you can enter.

The Apple iPhone 5 made headlines last week — and it’s doing so again today as Samsung announces it is adding the Apple iPhone 5 to its list of Apple devices in its patent suits in 10 countries.

So it’s fitting that this week’s smartphone photo submission comes from an iPhone 4S. This week’s picture comes from Eric T. Wilson in Hull, MA.

Image credit: Eric T. Wilson

Eric was on a mission for striped bass in Boston Harbor when he stopped to grab this photo of Boston Light. This shot says it all: time on the boat, the serenity of a calm sea, fish hopefully biting and a terrific view. Great shot, Eric. Congratulations.

If you want to be published in my weekly contest, shoot me an email with your favorite smartphone snapshot at You’ll be a published photographer like Eric T. Wilson if you win. Be sure to include what smartphone you used, any apps or filters and the location.

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