Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Västerås, Sweden

The sky is blue in Sweden. For a change! In today’s Where Are You Now feature, our Ant Pruitt gives smartphone contest photographer Annika Bergström of Sweden the winning nod.

Where are you now?  Take a quick shot with your smartphone — let us know its make, model and specs — your subject matter and how you enhanced the pic. Today, Annika Bergström of Västerås, Sweden, takes the prize. She says she snapped this image with her Samsung Galaxy 5 mega-pixel camera. “There’s a little blue sky today,” Annika told me, explaining why she turned her lens straight up. Västerås, she says, is known for its gray skies and rainy weather. Nice job, Annika.

Image credit: Annika Bergström

Where are YOU right now? Send me you stuff — I’m Good luck!

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