Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Moraine Lake, Canada

Where Are You Now is the weekly smartphone photo contest open to readers. This week’s photo is from Kyle Munz in Alberta, via a Motorola Atrix.

It’s Where Are You Now with me, Ant Pruitt. Our weekly smartphone photo contest is open to readers. Smartphone photos are increasingly pro-level. Send us your best. We want to see what you’ve got and make you a published photographer.

Congratulations to Kyle Munz of Alberta, Canada, for this week’s submission. Scroll below the fold to see what smartphone is behind this shot.

Photo credit: Kyle Munz

Our reader, Kyle Munz, used his Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone to snap this gorgeous photo of Moraine Lake sans additional filters or apps. Congratulations, Kyle.

The pictures I’ve received at have been outstanding, so keep them coming! This is your chance to be a published photographer on  Thanks for all of the previous submissions.

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