Ant Pruitt: How to Zombify Yourself for Halloween in GIMP, ZombieBooth

No costume for Halloween? Zombify your online profile with your favorite photo editor for Halloween. Our Ant Pruitt shows you how to zombify yourself in GIMP and via ZombieBooth.

October 31 is our Halloween celebration here in U.S. But Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies.

Now some consider me to be an adult and, though I really don’t care to buy a costume of my favorite cartoon character Archer, I do love to join the Halloween fun with my friends and co-workers. The easiest thing to do: Zombify yourself. Check this out.

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I was in luck when a Google+ follower zombified a photo of me using GIMP. I truly loved this photograph. Thank you, Ralph Sevy.It’s safe to say my Google+ and Twitter feeds have had some interesting reactions to my avatar.

Want your own zombiefied avatar? All you need is a photo editor and some patience. The popular photo editor Photoshop is a great tool, but free alternatives such as GIMP and Paint.Net are also useful. Once you have those tools, grab a photo of your liking and get to editing and adding layers.

If you’re not quite sure on how to edit an existing photo and add layers for zombification, the below video is a great tutorial walking you through each step using the GIMP editor.

If you want a quicker option, use images on your iOS or Android device. ZombieBooth is a neat app for zombifying photos on your iOS or Android device.  The app does all the work for you in a matter of seconds.

What do you all do for costumes and makeup for Halloween?  Just how geeky can our aNewDomain readers get with costumes and makeup? Leave me a comment below with your secrets.

Happy Halloween


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