Apple iPhone 5: Getting One? Reader Survey

Written by Ant Pruitt

So did you get your Apple iPhone 5? How do you like it? Or are you having trouble finding one — probably due to screen manufacturing issues? Maybe you’re holding off altogether? Our Ant Pruitt would love to know your experiences — good and bad. Send us a 200 word response or longer and we’ll publish the best pieces as an opinion columns …

The day has come and gone. The Apple iPhone 5 now is shipping in the United States.

So did you get one? Having trouble finding one due to a possible manufacturing shortfall on the new taller screens? What’s your reaction to reported Apple iOS 6 problems?

Or are you holding off? If so, what smartphone are you buying or using instead? We’d love to know. Let us know your experiences with Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iOS 6. Comment below or email me at And check out my video blog below. Feel free to send us one of your own if you feel more comfortable talking than writing …

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