Volume Control for Android: Freeware Friday

Ant Pruitt shares his app pick for control the volume for your Android devices.

If you read my piece about rooting and rom-ing my Kindle Fire, you know how I wish the Kindle Fire had a dedicated hardware volume control.  Amazon’s skinned version of Android includes volume controls within the notification menu. What do you do if you’re not running a stock Kindle Fire and need to control the volume of Angry Birds?  Easy. You install Volume Control for Android.

RubberBigPepper’s Volume Control for Android is my choice for Freeware Friday.

By installing Volume Control, I got an on-screen slider for managing volume. When the app launches, it’s easy to manipulate the color of the slider and its size and transparency, too. The app also lets you choose where to place the control. I currently have the slider placed on the lower left corner of my screen in yellow, as you see from my screen capture.

The slider disappears after a few seconds. This and the transparency setting makes the tool pretty unintrusive on your tablet or smartphone.  The app works on smartphones, too.  I installed it on my DroidX with no problems.

If you, like me, want to easily turn down the volume of your Angry Birds game or pump up the track you’re playing on Spotify, give the Volume Control app a try. The great price — free — makes it a no brainer. I’m Ant Pruitt with this week’s Freeware Friday pick here at aNewDomain.net.