Tango Down: Anonymous Claims Take Down of GoDaddy Sites

Millions of GoDaddy-hosted sites went offline today in an attack — the loosely-knit group of hackers known as Anonymous claimed responsibility. GoDaddy claimed hackers didn’t play into the outage that had millions of its sites offline. Rather, the issue was “internal,” execs said. Here’s the scoop.

Update: GoDaddy is back up at 3:15 p.m. PT — service is restored.
Update Sept 11, 2012: GoDaddy reps say the company has determined that no outside hack or denial of service attack was responsible for its outage. Rather, the system was down due to internal system error.

If your email was light today — light beyond Monday morning sluggishness — a GoDaddy outage was likely to blame. The hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack. Millions of GoDaddy-hosted sites are offline as of this writing and have been since 10 a.m. PDT.

Tweets from people affected by the shutdown show the situation is widespread.


anonymousown3r from hacker group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the DOS attack with tweets.

GoDaddy.com is down, but frequent tweets show it is working on the issue.

Are you affected by the DOS at GoDaddy? Please let us know in comments.

Update: GoDaddy is back up at 3:15 PDT with services restored.