Anonymous Hackers: Mexican Cartel Attack Too Risky for November 5?

Members of the international hacking group, Anonymous, are divided on whether to take on the powerful, alleged Veracruz, Mexico-based Zeta drug cartel on November 5, as it has threatened.

According to a tweet in Spanish, at least some Anonymous members feel the attack is too risky.

Anonymous, better known for taking down big business and banks with denial-of-service attacks and publishing private email and personal info there, threatened Zeta after Zeta purportedly kidnapped a member of the Anonymous hacking group. Anonymous is demanding the safe return of its member. And, in a video published on YouTube on October 6, threatens to post private info on police, taxi drivers and other individuals who Anonymous believes supports Zeta.

Anonymous factions are still at odds as to whether to carry out the attack Nov. 5.

On Monday one member of an Anonymous faction went so far as to call off the so-called "operation." (English translation: Anonymous cancels operation against Mexican cartel. We cannot risk our colleagues.)


Whether Anonymous attacks Zeta remains to be seen.

Below is the Anonymous message to Zeta in its original (Spanish) version) on October 6, 2011. Scroll down for an English version.

ED: Parental discretion advised.


Here is the same video, translated by computer into English. As a Spanish speaker, I can tell you it doesn't quite capture the vitriol in the Spanish version.

We'll be updating this story.