Angry Birds Space: On iOS, Android, WP7, the Space Station and Your Own Backyard (DIY)

Angry Birds Space is out for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and, soon, Windows Phone 7 and Facebook. Here’s video of an astronaut using Angry Birds to demonstrate some physics principles — and the guys at MBED create their own, real world Angry Birds slingshot. Check out the story to find out how they did it.


Space. It’s the new frontier for Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space is out now for Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and, soon, on Windows Phone 7 and Facebook.

The hype surrounding Angry Birds is nothing short of, well, astronomic. Here’s a video of an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) using Angry Birds to demonstrate basic physics principles.  Scroll below that to see how some folks created a DIY version of the game using real slingshots equipped with all sorts of sensors and an accelerometer.

You can’t pay for promotion like that. You’ve got to hand it to Rovio. It went from selling an app in an appstore — to major visibility on the ISS and presence on every platform — mobile, desktop and, even, social — there is, excepting just a few.

If playing this insanely addictive game on your mobile device and PC doesn’t do it for you, check out this real-life version created by the folks at Mbed. It’s a real slingshot equipped with an accelerometer and USB sensor. Check out its cookbook for full details on the hardware required — and the program you need to work with it — so you can hack this at home.