Top Stories at aNewDomain: Week of Feb. 4 – Feb. 11, 2012

Here’s Mac with the week’s headlines.

We have a ton of great new pieces on We were the first online, after the FBI, to have the full FBI story on our site. And our new gossip columnist, Sid Shadow, broke a story, too — the two new Macbook Airs due this spring and summer, with monster new retina displays.


If you missed any, give them a read. If you really liked some, make a comment and share it on Google +, where most of our team is. We’re a new site with the best tech pros and veteran tech journalists in the business. Check out our week in review.

Starting with a video review/demo of Chrome for Android!

Steve Jobs FBI File: Full 191 Page Document Here
We were first with this story of Jobs’s FBI file. Even the site that claims to have filed the Freedom of Information Act query to get the FBI to release the file links to our unique, breaking coverage.

Freeware Friday: We love freeware. Here’s TreeSize Drive Spacehog Scanner

What about Windows Phone 8? According to Ballmer …. well, that just about says it all, says our Dino Londis.

Our How To galleries are rolling out this week for power users, courtesy our tech editor Brian Burgess.

Check this one out: How to Bring Back the Quick-Launch Taskbar to Windows 7

And this one: How to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

John C. Dvorak is broadcasting on aNewDomain, as you know! His latest vidcastX3: Are Teens Exiting Facebook for Twitter?

We may be nerds at aND, but we know Valentine’s Day is coming up! Here’s a Romance Survey.

And here’s how we cover the Superbowl at! Online Super Bowl Streaming: Larry Press Is Underwhelmed

Be there at the Launch of’s Gossip Columnist, Sid Shadow! He knows! MacBook Air with Retina Displays Due in Spring/Summer

Welcome to a aNewdomain. What a great reader base. Thanks for coming.



  • Another incredible week of awesome content! Great summary Mac!

    I was happy to learn about the upcoming release of the Windows 8 Customer Preview — why they are calling it that…only SB Knows why! :-)

    The minute it’s available I’ll be downloading and installing and writing. I will be a hermit in my house for a month…wait I already am that…mmmm….

  • Yes, thanks MAC!

    Best freeware, launching Sid Shadow, power user How Tos, exclusive and first with FBI file on Steve Jobs available in full on our site. At this writing, only anewdomain and allthingsd has this. We beat them by eight hours, but only because we have a guy in Rangoon, Walt : )

    Hey, readers. You see our content shaping up, I bet.

    Wait till our upcoming redesign! WOOT!