Android vs. Apple iOS Infographic: And What Big Macs Have To Do With It

Written by Joy Ma

Android is taking a bite out of Apple’s market share. Here’s what the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3 — and the Big Mac — have to do with it. Android is outselling Apple iOS devices in a major way. Android vs. Apple iOS infographic.

Sales of Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3 devices took the lead in the third quarter of 2012 — passing  Apple iOS based Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 5. Check out this Android vs Apple iOS infographic from the folks at MBA Online.

Overall, according to the data here, buyers activate 1.3. million new Android devices daily. Apple users activate 515,000 Apple iOS devices daily.

It’s stunning. Nearly as many $200 Android devices are activated every second — almost as quickly as McDonald’s flips $2 Big Macs.

Android is definitely the better choice for your waistline.