Facebook Phone and the Spotify Mystery: Eric Mack’s Ranting Roundup

Today aNewDomain.net’s news ed Eric Mack takes on reports of an upcoming Facebook HTC smartphone, plus what’ Spotify is cooking up, Android malware and more. Ranting Roundup with Eric Mack — the day’s tech news for November 11, 2011.

Malware is everywhere, Facebook is reportedly working on a phone, obviously integrated with Facebook and targeting Google. The smartphone, according to a series of reports from All Things D, will be from Taiwan-based HTC and arrive in a year or more. Spotify sent out invites for its Nov. 30 announcement — I bet it’s announcing either a store or a deal with Google or both. Any guesses? It’s aNewDomain.net’s news editor Eric Rack’s Ranting Roundup — getting it off his chest so you don’t have to.