Android App of the Day: Vocanote

Vocanote Voice Notes

It’s our last app pick of 2011, courtesy Jeremy Lesniak. Happy New Year!

If you spend as much time driving as I do, you’ll love my Android app pick today. It’s Vocanote, available for free in the Android Market.

Vocanote is amazingly simple — basically, you talk to it — and it will send you an email with the text inside. Great for those highway brainstorm ideas. And the best thing about it is you don’tĀ even have to confirm the email when you’re done or do anything at all to end the dictation process. Just stop speaking. That’s it.

Vocanote Voice Notes

Vocanote lets you specifiy the email address it will send your dictated notes to. It also allows you to attach your dictation as WAV file in addition to getting the text inside the email. I’ve been using this app for awhile and I’ve found it works really well — even through my Bluetooth headset.

Did I mention it’s free? If you have an Android-based smartphone, give it a try.


  • Might have to give it a try. But first I would love to know how this app compares to just opening up the voice command in Android and saying “Note to self”… followed by whatever text you want emailed to yourself.

  • I’ve not used that method much, truthfully. I’ve just found this to be so clean and simple. If you try it I’d be interested to hear your comparisons.

  • I think I am sold. After reading about the app here and also on a podcast I listen too (Attack of the Androids)… I gave the free version a try. Simple and best of all everything can be done with just one click (to open the app). Using voice commands requires a couple of extra clicks.

  • After trying the free version, i then purchased the “vocaNotes plus”. With the help of a very satisfied user we could not get around the problem of getting cut off after about 10-15 seconds. If this could work for me as it appears to work for others i would be very pleased. We did everything we possibly could to work around this and time after time we were cut off. Another problem was sending it to a second email address. We would appreciate any help.

    Jim DeLapa